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Managing an Angel Fund Capital Raise with CapLinked

Today we’re speaking with Christopher Yeh, Silicon Valley Super – Angel.    What does your company do? I have a small angel fund that I set up so that my friends and family could participate in my angel investing activities. What are some of the biggest challenges to raising money for a fund such as … Read more

Featured CapLinked User DDF Q&A

Today we’re speaking with Michael Marcovici, CEO of DDF. 1) What does your company do? The Domain Developers Fund is the first and only public open-ended investment fund that invests in domains: the Internet´s real estate. Twenty years after the launch of the World Wide Web, there remain many opportunities awaiting exploitation. Some locations in … Read more

How to Raise Money in a Tough Market

Last week our Co-Founder, Eric Jackson, appeared as a guest on Tech Coast Angels “Business Communication” show hosted by Barbara Seymore Giordano. The topic was “How to Raise Money in a Tough Economy.”  They discussed a number of strategies and tactics for getting funding for your business. Eric explained how companies can use CapLinked to … Read more

How Do You Know When an Investor is Blowing You Off?

An entrepreneur’s most valuable resource is time. Starting and building a company puts extreme stress on the ability of anyone to manage all the different personal and professional responsibilities involved. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for most entrepreneurs. At least that’s true for most of those who are successful. With all of … Read more

Managing the Capital Raise for an Independent Film with CapLinked

Today we’re speaking with Adam Preskill of Peninsula Entertainment. What were you raising capital for? We were raising $100k to fund an independent feature documentary. The film is still untitled at the moment, but it tells the true story of the Quileute Tribe, the Native American Tribe featured in The Twilight Saga, and will be … Read more

New Features: Raising Capital badges and Contact Us buttons

Companies in the process of raising capital can now embed a badge on their website or blog that links back to their CapLinked profile. They can also display a “raising capital” notice on their CapLinked company profile, next to a button that allows visitors to send a message to the company’s contact person. Embedding a … Read more

How to Leverage Your Network for Raising Capital

Many first-time entrepreneurs become discouraged when they realize how challenging it can be to raise capital for their business. Closing a round can often take months, and that’s if you’re lucky and can convince people to invest in your business. But don’t give up. When the going gets tough, break open your Rolodex and get … Read more

CapLinked Launches Ticker Registration System for Private Companies

CapLinked is joining ongoing efforts by SecondMarket and Stocktwits to implement a ticker registration system for private companies. SecondMarket unveiled the concept for private company ticker symbols earlier this year when it created tickers for the nearly 500 companies traded on its site–including the likes of Facebook, Zynga, Twitter, and LinkedIn–and their symbols have already … Read more