Get Rewarded for Opening an Enterprise-Level VDR.

Open an enterprise data room and CapLinked will pick up the tab on a luxury reward of your choice.

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CapLinked Partners With Storj Labs, Moves Enterprise Document Management to Blockchain Technology

CapLinked Partners With Storj Labs, Moves Enterprise Document Management to Blockchain Technology Secure enterprise sharing solution CapLinked embraces decentralized storage by teaming up with Storj Labs, offers permission controls to Storj’s developer community LOS ANGELES – October 10, 2017: CapLinked, an enterprise solution for secure enterprise sharing, today announced a partnership with Storj Labs , … Read more

CapLinked’s Virtual Data Room API

There has never been a way to incorporate the secure and powerful functionality of a virtual data room into custom software–until now. CapLinked has built a complete Virtual Data Room API, focused on API data protection, that allows developers and clients to integrate our secure file sharing and information control tools directly into proprietary and … Read more

Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive Integrations

When importing files to your CapLinked workspace–in addition to importing from Box and Drobpox–you can now grab files directly from your Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive account. Once you are ready to begin setting up your virtual data room or other secure project, navigate to the workspace’s Files page and initiate an upload. Log into … Read more

Solving the Enterprise Digital Rights Management (DRM) Problem

Why Digital Rights Management Gets a Bad Wrap For many IT departments and business users, DRM has become a four-letter word. Enterprise digital rights management (DRM) has a bad reputation as a hard-to-use technology that never quite works right. DRM typically refers to access control systems used to restrict access to proprietary or sensitive materials. In … Read more

Introducing a new way to manage your files

We’ve rebuilt our file manager from the ground up What’s new? Everything. We’ve revamped the look and feel of files that are managed in a workspace, and added tons of new functionality to make managing your deals and staying organized easier. Take a look at what we’ve changed: Easy to Use Interface You’ll immediately noticed … Read more

Goodbye, Firewall: Managing Deals in the Cloud

The age of firewalls, onsite servers, and implementation teams is coming to an end. Enterprise software is moving into the cloud, and with it we’re seeing a whole new way of doing business. Companies are increasingly comfortable with web-based software because of the advantages it offers in terms of cost, security, and ease-of-use. As this … Read more