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Open an enterprise data room and CapLinked will pick up the tab on a luxury reward of your choice.

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New Features: Raising Capital badges and Contact Us buttons

Companies in the process of raising capital can now embed a badge on their website or blog that links back to their CapLinked profile. They can also display a “raising capital” notice on their CapLinked company profile, next to a button that allows visitors to send a message to the company’s contact person. Embedding a … Read more

New Tools for Managing Contacts and Sharing Deals

CapLinked is on the move! We’ve introduced a number of improvements to make it easier to manage contacts and communicate about a deal. New and Improved Connections. The address book has been renamed “Connections” to better represent how it works. Connections have now been fully integrated with CapLinked’s features for sharing deals, inviting people to … Read more

New Features to Help You Connect with Investors and Private Companies

We are committed to making CapLinked the world’s premiere platform for connecting, sharing deals, and managing private investments. Here are some of the tools we’ve recently introduced to help you network on our site: Get Recommended. Collect recommendations from people you’ve done business with and display them on your user profile.  This fosters credibility when you … Read more

We’ve Just Closed a Funding Round–Using CapLinked’s Site

CapLinked is pleased to announce that we have closed an angel round of $525,000, bringing total capital raised for our company to over $900,000. The investors in this round include PayPal alumni Peter Thiel (technology entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and co-founder of PayPal), Dave McClure (founding partner of 500 Startups), Joe Lonsdale (co-founder of Palantir Technologies), … Read more

Free Templates for Capital Raises (plus Other Key Documents)

While the cloud helps startups and small businesses cut down on physical paperwork, it doesn’t eliminate the role documents play in getting business done. In fact, it’s often dangerous for young companies to cut corners and assume that emails and bullet points are sufficient to capture agreements and complex transactions. This is why CapLinked is … Read more

CapLinked Launches Ticker Registration System for Private Companies

CapLinked is joining ongoing efforts by SecondMarket and Stocktwits to implement a ticker registration system for private companies. SecondMarket unveiled the concept for private company ticker symbols earlier this year when it created tickers for the nearly 500 companies traded on its site–including the likes of Facebook, Zynga, Twitter, and LinkedIn–and their symbols have already … Read more

New Features: Meeting Investors and Integration with MS Outlook

We just launched a pair of new feature for CapLinked. First, we’ve added a tool that allows users to send direct messages to people and companies on the site. This allows users to introduce themselves to other CapLinked users and to connect with a company spokesman, who will then have the option of whether or … Read more

New Features: Address Book, Importing Contacts, and “Asset Sale” Deals

The CapLinked team is pleased to announce several new features on our website. First, we’ve created an address book to help users share deals and keep track of prospective investors–it’s located on the “Contacts” tab when you’re logged in to the site. Initially, the address book can be used when you share a deal, making … Read more

Why the World Needs CapLinked

Investment into private companies is widespread and critical for the American economy. Over 600,000 businesses are started in the United States each year and annual investment by individuals into private companies has been estimated in the range of $160 billion. Approximately 8 million Americans have put money into someone else’s business through a debt or … Read more